Welcome to SafelyFed Canada! We are a national, non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the protection of infants and young children in emergency through safe and appropriate feeding.

We advocate for improved infant feeding policy federally, provincially and locally, design and deliver training and co-ordinate direct aid to families in emergencies through our staff, volunteers and partner organizations.

Helping Canadian families

Families need support, information and appropriate supplies to feed and care for their babies in extraordinary circumstances.

SafelyFed Canada exists to meet the needs of infants and young children when their families are facing an emergency.

Supporting Front-line Workers

First-responders, health care workers and community helpers all need training to respond appropriately and safely to the special needs of infants.

Every community has young families who need support - and every helper must be trained to provide that within their role in the response.

Changing policy & practice

A crisis is no time to plan how to meet the needs of vulnerable young families. Planning & training needs to happen before the emergency strikes.

All levels of government need robust evidence-based policy to ensure food security for infants & young children in emergencies.

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Keeping Canada's babies safely fed

Every emergency is unique and requires a response that meets the needs of the community affected. We're here to help.
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