Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association 1-800-313-6141

La Leche League 1-877-4-LALECHE

National Women’s Health Helpline 1-800-994-9662

Mom2Mom Global


Commonsense Childbirth (Orlando Midwife Jennie Joseph) 407-656-6938


Texas WIC 1-855-550-6667

A Mother’s Sanctuary  832-944-2366

  • Rapidly assess every family with young children for their feeding needs
  • Display a welcoming attitude to breastfeeding, including supportive signage
  • Keep parents with their children & prioritize access to food and water for pregnant and lactating women
  • Create parent-baby spaces where parents can care for their children & to centralize supports
  • Do not distribute infant formula without assessment & referral to support
  • Sequester all related donations so that they cannot cause inadvertent harm
  • Orient to IYCF-E guidance and training if unfamiliar
  • Assess all dyads for feeding changes following the disaster
  • Advocate for supports to exclusive breastfeeding and safe preparation areas
  • Refer for breastfeeding support and/or specialist assessment for mixed or formula-feeding families
  • Dispel myths surrounding breastfeeding during emergencies
  • Give cash donations to organizations who have the capacity and training to provide evidence-based, community-grounded support to expectant and new families
  • Never donate foods or feeding items specifically intended for children under age 3, including formula, bottles or pumps
  • Ask every organization you donate to what their policy on IYCF-E is
  • Journalists have an important role in helping to protect infants in emergencies 
  • Remind audiences that human milk is a safe and reliable food
  • Appeals for donations of infant formula and feeding supplies hamper relief efforts on the ground
  • Experts are available to support

Hand Expression Handout

Extraccíon Manual (Hand Expression in Spanish)

AAP Infant Feeding in Emergencies Statement

USBC Infant Feeding in Emergencies (2011)

Tips for Creating Parent-Baby Spaces

Preparing Infant Formula (English)

Preparing Infant Formula (Spanish)

Key Points for Helpers (

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