European Resources

This page includes resources developed as part of several collaborations, including Infant Feeding Support for Refugee Children (IFSfRC) and the IFE Core Group and its member organizations, as well as individual volunteers.

Every effort has been made to ensure that resources are up to date and translations are correct. The page is being updated as needs are identified and translations received. If you find an error or need a resource that is not listed here, please contact us.

Adult hand cupping an infant's hand
Ops Guidance Cover V.3 Oct 2017
How to write for IYCFE
Joint Statement Template - Editable
Image of Joint IYCF Statement

For helpers

Transit Guidelines

Intended for helpers who are supporting families and caregivers who are in transit to safety.

Simple Points for Helpers
Key messages for helpers assisting families and others which can be used as a multi-lingual tool.







Key Phrases for IYCF Assessment and Support
Common phrases and terms necessary for the assessment and support of infants and young children

For families and caregivers

Keeping your baby safe and nourished
Simple visual chart for basic teaching

How to Know if Your Baby is Getting Enough

English, French, Russian, Serbian, Spanish

Additional languages

Handout on method for supplementing at the breast

Drip Drop Method for Supplementation at Breast

English, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Greek

Additional languages and black & white versions

For donors

Responsible Donations

Untargetted and inappropriate donations can increase suffering and create harm that extends well beyond a crisis.